with Dechen Thurman in Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

From $995 Per person
FROM   $199 /night $995 TOTAL PER PERSON


5 nights in Playa Maderas, Nicaragua
Tue Nov 08 - Sun Nov 13, 2016



Welcome to Graha Pada, the first ever Levitate LA retreat with yogi Dechen Thurman -featuring his teachings from a lifetime of study of pranayama, yoga, and meditation

- Dechen Thurman


  • Breathe & Move: Practice yoga asana in paradise with Advanced Yoga Teacher from NYC Dechen Karl Thurman
  • Find Your Zen: Learn breathing techniques to detox your mind of thoughts and prepare for meditation
  • Accommodations at off-the-grid lodge in Playa Maderas
  • Fresh, delicious vegan/vegetarian cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients
  • Optional activities include Ohashiatsu Massage, Reiki, Private Lessons, surfing, hiking, and ziplining


A little about Graha Yoga:

Graha Yoga is the art of mental and emotional self identification with be forces of gravity and magnetism. Graha is a Sanskrit word. It means "planet" or "force." Gravity is a force which is constant and magnetism fluctuates. Gravity is based on the quantity of matter. Magnetism is based on the quality of matter. Both of them are a function of distance, or space between objects.Consciousness is based on life. Without life, there is no observable consciousness. Life is based on physics and chemistry. Biology is possible within the intersection of chemistry and physics. The unit of life is the organism. A perspective, within a physical structure makes a consciousness. Awareness is stimulus response and concentration is the ability to choose based on consideration of values. Biology leads to society, with social animals adapting to their own social demands as well as the demands of nature. Reflex is involuntary movement. It is derived from two sources. Habit and instinct. Instincts are reflexes which come from biological ancestors. Modern humans mostly experience reflexes overrides of social limits to behavior to pursue biological legacy. Habits are movements imprinted by family, society and one's own internalized training. The aim of psychology and some methods of yoga is to become aware of the boundaries between the two. The crux of many fierce debates and often the breakdown of civility occurs in absence of consensus of what is a natural instinct which cannot be controlled, and an ingrained habit based on a prejudicial background. A human being is conscious and unconscious, yet it breathes in both conditions. The subconscious therefore is always aware and never sleeps. The conscious perspective can only organize the senses based on the objective physical world. Clear and obvious contrasts within natural cycle are the common sense layers of comparison. Upon these observable and simple terms can we look at the human body. The inhale and exhale are the most important, the most primal boundary between conscious and unconscious motor control. For more info visit

What's Included


6 days 5 nights at Buena Vista Surf Club


2 daily meals (breakfast and dinner)


-Morning Pranayama & Meditation -90 mins Daily Yoga Class with Dechen Thurman assisted by Mischa Jaya -Graha Pada Principles & Practice -Nightly Satsang + Kirtan

Airport Transfers

Transport to/from Managua International Airport (MGA)


Flights not included

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory and not included

Optional Activities

On-site massage, Surf lessons with board included, Zipline adventure through the rainforest, On-site massage, Surf lessons with board included, Zipline adventure through the rainforest, Surfboard rental only

Good to Know

Not included: flights to/from Managua International Airport (MGA) and travel insurance. Guests are responsible for purchasing travel medical insurance and cancellation insurance which are also not included.

Traveling to Nicaragua

Please visit the following site for general information on Nicaragua:

The Instructor


Dechen Thurman

Yoga Ambassador

Dechen grew up in New England in an environment that harbored Tibetan political refugees and counter cultural artists. Educated at Phillips Exeter Academy, New York University (Tisch School of the Arts) and Columbia University as well as the Jivamukti Yoga School, Natural Gourmet Cookery School and the Ohashi Institute. Member of screen actors guild since 1995, appeared in over 40 stage and screen productions. Currently teaching and mentoring at Jivamukti Yoga School New York and abroad. Happy to be of service within any situation, to any possible capacity.

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Buena Vista Surf Club

The lodge in Playa Maderas is an off-the-grid eco-lodge powered by solar energy and supported by fresh local food suppliers for a low-impact experience. The setting, tropical climate, and lodge service and food are wonderful. The region boasts terrific biodiversity and wildlife with frequent visits by howler monkeys, sloths, and parrots. You will live for a week in thatched roof huts and the yoga deck (pictured) overlooks the Pacific Ocean.


  • Beach
  • Classroom/Deck for Yoga & Fitness
  • Airport Transportation
  • Accessible kitchen for guest cooking classes

Pricing Per Person

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  • Maya
  • Verified Guest
  • Apr 14 2015

Can't say enough great things about this trip. The setting was beautiful, the people were wonderful and the experience exceeded my expectations by far. Be aware that this is an eco-lodge, not a 5 star resort, so expect insects and other creatures in your cabanas. I brought my own yoga mat and beach towel, but the resort provided both so that wasn't necessary - bringing soap and shampoo, however, is.

  • Dina
  • Verified Guest
  • Apr 14 2015

This trip was spectacularly awesome in each and every respect. Wish I were still on it!!

  • Rebecca
  • Verified Guest
  • Apr 20 2015

Trip was amazing. People were great, location was amazing, incredible staff. Would go back in a heartbeat.

  • Jason
  • Verified Guest
  • May 30 2016

Great trip! Everyone couldn't have been nicer!

  • Lindsay
  • Verified Guest
  • Jun 03 2016

This retreat exceeded all my expectations. Truly an amazing experience and if you are even thinking about it... just do it!!!

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