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Travel Suppliers and Travel Suppliers’ Conditions

“Travel Suppliers” or “Suppliers” are Users who register as a Supplier and create a Trip listing via the Site to be offered to Members for booking. When a Member makes a booking via the website, and the chosen Trip is available, the contract for supply of those products and services will be between the Travel Supplier and Member. Adventurati is not a party to that contractual relationship. Any queries or concerns relating to the product or service should be addressed to the Travel Supplier. Adventurati does not assume any responsibility for the Trips and services provided by the Tour Supplier.

The Travel Supplier’s terms and conditions (including airlines’ terms and conditions of carriage) will apply in addition to those set out here. The Travel Supplier’s terms and conditions may include provisions relating to cancellations, changes of bookings and refunds, default, liability and any other restrictions. You are advised to read terms carefully and to refer to your particular Travel Supplier for full details of the applicable terms and conditions.

Travel Supplier Responsibilities

As a Travel Supplier, you may list Trips and Departures (“Trips”) on the website. For Trips to be listed on the site, all information that you provide must be valid. Other members will be able to book your Trips via the website based on the information that you provide about the Trip. It is your responsibility to maintain the accuracy of the information that appears on this website. You agree that once a member books a Trip, the price and other details may not be altered.

You agree that you are responsible for all Trips that you post.You represent and warrant that any Trip you post and the booking of a member (i) will not breach any agreements you have entered into with any third parties, and (ii) will be in compliance will applicable laws, tax requirements, and rules and regulations that may apply. Adventurati assumes no responsibility for a Travel Supplier’s compliance with any applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Adventurati reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to remove or disable access to any Trip for any reason, including Trips that Adventurati, in its sole discretion, considers to be objectionable for any reason, in violation of these terms or otherwise harmful to the website.

You agree that Adventurati does not act as an insurer or as a contracting agent for you as a Travel Supplier. If a member books a trip, any agreement you enter into with such member is between and the member and Adventurati is not a member thereto. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Adventurati serves as the limited authorized agent of the Travel Supplier for the purpose of accepting payments from members on behalf of the Travel Supplier and is responsible for transmitting such payments to the Travel Supplier.

Each Travel Supplier hereby appoints Adventurati as the Travel Supplier’s limited agent solely for the purposes of collecting payments made by members on behalf of the Travel Supplier. Each Travel Supplier agrees that payment made by a Member to Adventurati shall be considered the same as a payment made directly to the Travel Supplier and the Travel Supplier will make the Trip available to the Member in the agreed upon manner as if the Travel Supplier had received the payment. Each Travel Supplier agrees that Adventurati may, in accordance with the cancellation policy listed on the website, permit the member to cancel the booking and refund to the member that portion of the Trip payment specified in the applicable cancellation policy. In accepting appointment as the limited authorized agent of the Travel Supplier, Adventurati assumes no liability for any acts or omissions of the Travel Supplier.

You agree that, as a Travel Supplier, you are responsible for your own acts and omissions and are also responsible for the acts and omissions of any individuals who carry out the Trip that you offer.

By using the website, you agree that any legal remedy or liability that you seek to obtain for actions or omissions of other members, Travel Suppliers or other third parties will be limited to a claim against the particular member, Travel Supplier, or third party who caused you harm and you agree not to attempt to impose liability on, or seek any legal remedy from Adventurati with respect to such actions or omissions.

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