Samasati Retreat & Rainforest Sanctuary

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica


What's Included

  • nights at Samasati Retreat & Rainforest Sanctuary
  • 3 daily meals
  • Transportation to and from the airport

The Accommodations

The jungle is the perfect therapy for guests who need to unplug and unwind – we thought it was just us but research has proven it to be true.

Our yoga and wellness retreat is located along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, set in a 250 Acre Primary Rainforest Reserve overlooking a mountain range and the Caribbean Sea. The views are beautiful, the vibe peaceful and the experience serene. It is the perfect place to retreat, relax, rejuvenate and re-energize to tackle the next phase of life’s adventure.

Our Sanctuary is ideal for our guests to retreat, relax and rejuvenate so they can tackle the next phase of life’s adventure. We thought it was just us but research has proven that our environment is the perfect therapy for our guests who need to unplug and unwind. Being here automatically improves mood, lowers stress, elevates the body’s feel good hormones and it’s healing properties. In fact post-operative patients have been shown to physically heal faster around nature.

We are also just a 20 minute drive away from beaches, snorkeling and surfing as well as dining and nightlife in the Caribbean town of Puerto Viejo. This town is bustling with energy and local culture yet untouched by modern commercial development. Nothing wrong with this of course, but if you are looking for a more authentic experience, it is in this region that you will find it.

Our lodging comprises of structures that were built with native wood from fallen trees and designed to blend harmoniously with the terrain and climate of the Rainforest.

The Samasati Spa offers relief and rejuvenation with treatments rooted in nature by capturing the healing powers of plants and preserving village remedies. Choosing all-natural super food ingredients from the Caribbean, we use flowers, leaves, bark, roots, seeds and fruits of indigenous, naturally cultivated plants. The products are then artfully combined to provide a wide range of authentic beauty and wellness rituals. Our menu is served by highly sought after international Guest Therapists and gifted local practitioners. These experts combine local plants and fruits to provide nutrient-rich living food for your skin. Cucumbers are sliced to create hydrating eye masks, local salt crystals are blended with virgin coconut oil for body scrubs, local cacao is grated, Aloe Vera is squeezed, juices are pressed and raw chocolate warmed for deeply nourishing body masks. 

Our open air restaurant sits in the mountain overlooking the Rainforest and Caribbean Sea providing dramatic views and a unique dining experience. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served with selections ranging from Caribbean fusion, to Mediterranean to Asian to Central American. Most of our cuisine is vegetarian but chicken and fish delicacies are available if you so choose. Seafood is drawn daily from sea, while fruit, vegetables, dairy and poultry are sourced from local farmers or picked on site. The breads are baked daily, chocolate comes from nearby organic cacao plantations and the staff will happily accommodate requests made in advance for raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free or soy free dishes. Don’t forget to leave a little room because every evening ends with an indulgent dessert!

We also have a specialty bar that serves unique coffee, tea, wine, beer and fresh cold-pressed juices. 

The Activity Space

Samasati rests on 240 acres of rainforest re-serve. Within the retreat, we have an open-air restaurant, juice bar with sitting areas, spa house, two beautiful and serene yoga/meditation centers, outdoor Jacuzzi and many varied views and jungle trails to walk and enjoy. Within the yoga/meditation centers we have a full music system, props, mats and blankets. 

Getting There

Round-trip transportation to and from San Jose International Airport (SJO) is included on the first and last day of the trip. It takes more than 4 hours to get to the venue from the airport.

Daily Meals

  • Breakfast included
  • Lunch included
  • Dinner included

Dietary Options

  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Vegan Meals
  • Gluten-Free Meals
  • Fish & Meat


  • 110 volt outlets
  • Beach
  • Classroom/Deck for yoga & fitness
  • Ensuite bathrooms
  • Hot water
  • Internet
  • Laundry facilities for self-service
  • Mosquito nets
  • On-site driver
  • Sound system for instructor use in yoga/fitness space
  • Spa
  • Towels

Fitness & Yoga Equipment

  • 40  Yoga Mats
  • 40  Yoga Blocks
  • 40  Yoga Straps
  • 40  Yoga Bolsters
  • 50  Towels

Room & Guest Capacity

  • Up to 50 Guests
  • 25 Rooms

The Rooms

Classic Casita 7 available

Sleeps up to 3, Contains 1 full/double bed and 2 twin beds

  • All casitas have private bathrooms, and a spacious veranda overlooking the rainforest and Caribbean Sea. All our casitas have comfortable two single beds or a Queen bed and some have a third double bed in a loft. 

Guesthouse Rooms 5 available

Sleeps up to 2, Contains 2 twin beds

  • The Guest House is situated a short walk from the restaurant and reception area. It consists of 5 adjoining private rooms with two shared bathrooms, one for men and another for women. Choose from rooms with either two Single beds or one Double bed. This Guest House is a great option for solo travelers or groups of friends looking for cozy and inexpensive accommodations.

    We also have a house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a shared kitchen and living room.  With a balcony overlooking the mountain and Caribbean sea.  The rates will be for each of these rooms.

Preferred Casita 3 available

Sleeps up to 2, Contains 1 king or queen bed

  • These Casitas have windows that open to prime views of the Rainforest or the Caribbean Sea. Each of them is in it’s own secluded area in the forest and has a King bed, a private bathroom, a quiet terrace with a hammock and is set in a little tropical garden with local flora. These Casitas are ideal for couples.

About the Area

What's Nearby

Shuttle Services to Puerto Viejo – 20 minutes away. If you would like to spend the day in Puerto Viejo and the charming beach towns of Cocles, Punta Uva and Manzanillo, our shuttle leaves each day at 10:00 a.m. These charming beach villages are fun and up-and-coming where you you can shop, go to the beach, rent bikes, snorkel, paddleboard, surf world-famous breaks, enjoy delicious local cuisine, and get to know the culture.

There are also several specialty tours and activities in the area including hiking, touring the indigenous tribal lands, ziplining, animal rescue centers, wildlife reserves and much more.

Nearby Food

There are several restaurants in near by towns about a 15 - 20 minute drive away. Taxis are available for those who do not drive.

Nearby Airports

San Jose International Airport (SJO)

Local Activities

The following activities can only be booked and paid for at the resort. They cannot be booked in advanced through Trip Tribe.

Samasati Rainforest Nature Trail Hike - Day or Night $30 / person
Samasati’s primary and secondary Rainforest harbor thousands of life forms. Filled with birds’ songs and howler monkeys calling at dawn, the Rainforest is quiet in the heat of the day, its stillness punctuated by the whistle of frogs, the rasping of cicadas or the sound of wrens and ant-birds. The dark, cool interior of the primary forest is surprisingly free of entangling vegetation. Only where light manages to filter through the interlocking canopy can vegetation proliferate. Walking into the rain forest is like taking a step back in time. There are few Rainforests and jungles being preserved on earth today. Why is it so important to preserve these living energy bio-sphere’s? Learn from a celebrity jungle specialist who has a deep love and connection to the rainforest and nature within. Experience interactive nature walks – night hiking and animal interaction where there are no fences or boundaries. You will be able to live within the natural environment and experience all that happens in Samasati’s beautiful living sanctuary of over 400 bird species along with hundreds of beautiful insects and intelligent life all living in harmony.
Customized Massage $98 / person
Design your custom massage using multiple modalities designed by you and your therapist to connect and deeply harmonize your body, mind and spirit. Your therapist will talk with you to determine your needs and wishes and customize your session to focus on grounding, balancing and chakra alignment. A delightfully light and refreshing rainforest massage gel is used.
Heaven and Earth – Craniosacral & Reflexology $120 / person
This deeply profound treatment is for bringing heaven energy to the crown chakra and grounding earth energy to the feet. Craniosacral therapy adjusts the subtle rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid as it circulates around the brain and the spinal cord. Using a very light and sensitive touch, the therapist monitors the flow to determine where restrictions are located and gently releases them. This soothing therapy encourages optimal fluid movement throughout the body. The result is a deep sense of calm. Reflexology works with the reflexes and nerve endings in the feet, which correspond to every gland or organ of the body producing relaxation, pain reduction, cellular rejuvenation and improved blood circulation.
Thai Yoga Massage $130 / person
Thai Yoga Massage is a unique healing system, also called Nuad Boran. Our Thai Yoga therapist and resident yoga teacher, Stephanie McKenzie, was trained in Thailand and is an expert in guiding you through a series of postures, while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy (‘Sen’) lines and pressure points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically. Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a mat on the floor. For this massage, you would dress in comfortable clothing for allowing ease of movement and flexibility.
Chocolate - Coffee Body Treatment $130 / person
This mood-lifting experience begins with a Caribbean Chocolate Coffee Scrub and light massage to exfoliate the skin. After your thorough exfoliation, you take a warm shower in your private outdoor rainforest room. Next you are lathered and massaged with a decadent body mask of warm, melted chocolate and then wrapped within a light covering as the chocolate and oil refine your skin tone to a subtle softness. Next, you receive a head massage and an eye treatment with cool cucumber. After a final shower, the finale’ is a light massage with a velvety smooth and deeply nourishing cacao body butter.
Rainforest Renewal $120 / person
The Rainforest Renewal starts with a body scrub and light massage with local pineapple, mango and brown sugar. Next, you take an outdoor shower in our private rainforest garden. After your refreshing shower, you’ll have a massage with our rainforest gel, which is made of over 120 herbs, plants and minerals. This refreshingly scented gel is then left on the body providing a wonderful refreshing finish to make the skin soft and healthy.
Sunburn Therapy $110 / person
Heal your sun exposure with a light mask of cucumber, aloe and lavendar. This healing treatment is combined with the Heaven and Earth massage concentrating on the head with craniosacral and feet with reflexology while your skin baths in a healing mask.
Tortuguero One Day $99 / person
We will pick you up from the Samasati Base Camp in a comfortable minivan, and then drive to the north of Limon city, to the Tortuguero Canals. Once there, we will board a motorboat and begin our safari through the mangroves, looking for local wildlife, which is quite easy to spot along the canals. You’ll see many birds, mammals like sloths and monkeys, reptiles like the emerald basiliskus lizard, and with a bit of luck, you can also see crocodiles or caimans. On the way back, we will visit a banana plantation, where we will learn about the packaging process and where you will get to know all about this delicious tropical fruit. If you are not interested in the Banana Plantation you skip this part of the tour and receive a discount.
Gandoca- Manzanillo Rainforest Hike $70 / person
We drive you by microbus to Manzanillo where your guide will be waiting for you to take you on this 4 hour jungle adventure through this extraordinary refuge. Apart from the explosion of lush tropical vegetation, you can observe animals like the howler monkeys and sloths, and over 360 fascinating species of exotic tropical birds, including toucans, the black-cheeked woodpecker and the elusive harpy-eagle to name a few. The beauty of this natural habitat is its dramatic forests and lazy lagoons where you’ll see caimans (crocodiles), leatherback turtles, Guecos and the red-eyed leaf frogs. It is located in the most isolated and exotic place on the entire South Caribbean coast. The refuge protects 4,500 hectares (over 11,000 acres) of sea, 15 kilo- meters of coast and 5,000 hectares (over 12,000 acres) of plants and hills with maximum height of 115 meters. At the end of this beautiful adventure you can take a walk or just relax on the white sand beach while you wait for the microbus to take you back to Puerto Viejo. If you wish to pass more time on the beach please let the guide know so we can arrange the transportation for you.
Bird Watching Tour $65 / person
This tour takes place in the Keköldi Indian Reserve, an ideal location for bird watching in different habitats. We will make short stops during the trajectory until we get to a tower, which is a migratory bird watching research center. This place is considered the third most important in the world for the sighting of birds of prey. From this viewpoint we watch an average of 50.000 to 450.000 birds per day during the season. Among them are species like hawks, falcons, red-headed buzzards, heron storks, toucans, parrots, hawks, manaquines, tanagers, a variety of hummingbirds, honeycreepers, euphonies, orioles, warblers, flycatchers, trogons, the blackchested magpie (endemic from the Caribbean low slope), and the surprising Buco Barbón. Migration occurs from north to south, between August and December, and from south to north between February and May; but we have a great diversity of endemic birds throughout the year.
Surf Lesson $85 / person
The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica around Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is the best place to learn to surf and a paradise for any surfer, with warm water, a mellow surf scene, and wide variety of waves nearby. With many different breaks in the area we can find the best wave for your skill level whether its your first lesson or you’re an old pro. We have waves for all levels, from Salsa Brava, the heaviest wave in Costa Rica, to the perfect beginner waves of Black Beach, just a minute walk from town, to the fast beach break at Cocles and the classic longboarding waves of Punta Uva, and many more. If you are learning we’ll take you to the perfect spot for the day.
White Water Rafting at the Pacuare River $99 / person
The Pacuare River is world famous for its beauty. A true river gorge, it is flanked by steep, green walls. You will see waterfalls cascade into the river from both sides. Wildlife is abundant: sloth, toucans, parrots, coatis, butterflies and colorful frogs are common sights. Other inhabitants of this jungle: monkeys, jaguars, peccaries and tapirs generally stay more hidden. It is not an overly challenging river, but it has many rapids that will make your adventure very interesting and fun. The 18-mile-one-day-run includes a total of 38 rapids. Few rivers in the world can offer you so many rapids in such a short stretch of water. Upon arrival at the river, you will get geared up with a life jacket, helmet and paddle and then be briefed with a full safety orientation talk by expert guides. The first 4 miles consist of class II-III rapids, a great time to test your new river skills, gain confidence in your team, and have fun. After about 40 minutes you will enter the Pacuare River Gorge, which is 5 miles long. After the gorge the river opens up to a 5 mile stretch called “Pacuare’s Valley.” The river becomes wide open, giving you the opportunity to rest a bit and watch the varied wildlife. The final 3 miles are filled with class III rapids that will carry you all the way to the end.
Punta Uva Sea Kayak and Rainforest Hike $70 / person
Punta Uva - one of the best seven beaches of the world This tour begins with a drive to the southern end of the road into the most remote location in the area; this trip consists of a loop, paddling in and hiking out. After a safety briefing we will embark in a magical kayaking journey paralleling a coast full of cliffs, caves, and the most amazing rainforest. We will take a nice break at the beach to relax, swim and enjoy some nicely presented fresh fruit and snacks before hiking to Punta Uva point; you will now learn some insights on the eco system of this wildlife refuge. We will then hike back to Punta Uva beach to take the bus back to your hotel.
Horseback Riding at the Beach $75 / person
After picking you up from your hotel we join the group in our office, from where you will depart towards the place where our guide is waiting for us. There you will meet Raul, our experienced guide, a great lover of horses with whom you will share this wonderful experience. It is important to communicate to Raul your ability as a horseback rider, to give you a horse according to your level. The passion he feels for these animals gives us a great opportunity to answer all your concerns about these great friends. Do not hesitate to ask any questions. Once assigned to a horse, we are ready to ride towards Punta Uva to enjoy a beautiful stroll along the shores of the Caribbean Sea to reach the estuaries of Punta Uva River. Afterwards we will begin our return along the paths of the wetland, an ideal time to learn about the different species of animals and plants that we find on our path.
The Jungle Adventure - Zipline, Waterfalls, Swings $95 / person
To start the Jungle Adventure, we will explain basic rules for safety. From here we will head towards a river by crossing a hammock bridge where we start a hike in the river surrounded by spectacular landscapes. We will use canyoneering equipment in parts of the hike and will take our time to swim in the natural pools. At the end of this hike we will do a rappel 18 meters down a waterfall. We will leave the river and hike through the primary forest to get to our next adventure, tree climbing. Using a harness we will climb 16 meters on a tree to get to a platform where we will start the canopy tour. We will enjoy fruits on one of the platforms. After that we will do one of the most adrenaline pumping experiences, the Tarzan swing 16 meters above the ground. At the end we will glide through a 300 meters cable flying like SUPERMAN. You will be served a box lunch, juice and water in our resting area before starting our return trip to Puerto Viejo. This is an experience full of adrenaline rushes that you will definitely remember for the rest of your life.
Kekoldi Indian Reserve $49 / person
Our trek begins inside a former abandoned cocoa plantation. Little by little we start ascending into the secondary and primary forests zones rich in natural and ecological treasures to study and share. This community is accessible only on foot. It is necessary to be in good physical condition and to wear appropriate foot gear like climbing boots, or rubber boots in the rainy season, or supportive running shoes in the dry season. These paths have a certain degree of difficulty for persons with physical or cardiac problems. Your guide will give you information about the community, its history, culture, and traditions. You will also learn about the achievements realized by the Wak ká könekè Association in the investigation of birds inside this community. Through the newly formed organization of Orök wak ká S.A., they intend to make every effort to create new self-sustaining alternative employment for the partners and neighbors of this community. aThe maximum altitude of our trek is 220 meters above sea level. During the hike we will take short breaks along the way until we reach our destination platform where you can rest and enjoy the panoramic landscape. From this point you can see the Talamánca mountain chain, Panama, and the Sixaola valley, and the breaking waves up and down the coastline. In addition, this is a great place to observe the migratory habits of birds two seasons a year. They migrate from North to South America during August to December, and then from South to North America during February to May. Throughout the migration season you can observe anywhere from 50,000 to 450,000 thousand birds per day including sparrow-hawks, falcons, zopilote red head, blue stork and others. The information obtained at this center indicates this zone is critically important during the migration seasons. If you choose the half-day trek, from this point you will return to the road and our bus will take you back to your hotel in Puerto Viejo or Cahuita. If you choose the long trek, your guide will take you to a wonderful waterfall 27 meters in height where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. On the way back, you will visit an indigenous family to enjoy a tasteful typical lunch and learn about their legends and culture.
Hiking in Cahuita National Park $45 / person
We will pick you up from Samasati Base Camp at approximately 8.00 a.m. and depart to the village of Cahuita. Cahuita is a small village located 16 kilometers north of Puerto Viejo and is famous for its white sandy beaches and its beautiful National Park. There will be a guide waiting for you to start the hike through the Park. This guided hike lasts about 3 hours and you will be able to see a rich and wide variety of animals and plants which can be found in the protected area. Furthermore the guide will provide you with information about the history of Cahuita. The National Park is a combination of beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and a tropical rainforest where you can easily observe some of the many species of monkeys, sloths, frogs, butterflies and more. As soon as we get to Punta Cahuita we will rest, have a snack of tropical fruit, and then start our hike back to town where the car will be waiting to take you back to your hotel.
Sunburn Therapy $110 / person
Heal your sun exposure with a light mask of cucumber, aloe and lavendar. This healing treatment is combined with the Heaven and Earth massage concentrating on the head with craniosacral and feet with reflexology while your skin baths in a healing mask.

  14 Reviews   

  • Amy
  • Verified Guest
  • Feb 20 2020

We had a wonderful time on this trip! Samasati is beautiful. Christina and Tina were fabulous. I hope to attend more of their trips.

  • Todd
  • Verified Guest
  • Feb 17 2020

I had a great time on this retreat! Yoga classes were plentiful and of a good variety, with friendly and knowledgeable teachers. The resort was rustic and very peaceful, you really are in the rain forest. Highly recommend!

  • Heather
  • Ambassador
  • Apr 26 2019

I and my retreat guests had an AMAZING time at Samasati!! Stephenie was beyond wonderful in supporting us to schedule our time both at the retreat doing yoga and nutrition classes, and also exploring the area with various adventures. Becca led gentle yoga classes that worked perfectly for the beginners as well as those who had been doing yoga for quite a while. Having her available for massages, fairy cards, and hilarious conversations over dinner was a highlight for all of us. The food was incredibly delicious and the chefs and Stephanie made sure that all of our meals were made vegan, since that was the focus of the retreat. It was such a treat to not even have to think about getting balanced nutrition, because it was all just there waiting for us to fill up our plates! They also set up an area for me to do a cooking demo and nutrition classes through the week. Scott was a very knowledgeable hiking guide and coordinator for our excursions. Overall, it was a pretty magical experience for all of us, and I am beyond grateful to all of the staff who made our stay in the rainforest so special. Thank you!!!

  • Elaine
  • Verified Guest
  • Apr 14 2019

The Vegan Food Immersion retreat was very informative, inspiring and a lot of fun. Meet wonderful new friends and had a great time .

  • Deborah
  • Verified Guest
  • Dec 10 2017

Samasati retreat was wonderful. This yoga holiday experience was beyond my expectations. Location was spectacular. Accommodations were comfortable. Food was excellent. Excursions were great. Our hosts Stephanie and Scott were phenomenal! And Cheryl's yoga sessions were fantastic as always. Thank you Cheryl for I would highly recommend this trip

  • Sabrina
  • Verified Guest
  • Dec 08 2017


  • Shawna
  • Verified Guest
  • Dec 08 2017

This was an adventure outside of my comfort zone, but it was the most amazing experience. The bus ride in was 5 hours and we were made aware of this, however, being prepared and actually doing it is another thing. I would recommend taking the plane if you can make it work. But that should not overshadow the breathtaking views, the quaint casitas, and of course the amazing hospitality of Stephanie and Scott and their incredible staff. Stephanie organized all our excursions for us and we were a group of 21! That was no small feat. She listens to what you want and advises based on what you want. I have no regrets booking this trip and can safely say if you want the real rainforest experience this is the place to book! Howler monkeys and all!! Thanks

  • Chantal
  • Verified Guest
  • Dec 08 2017

Everyone at the retreat was wonderful, attentive and devoted to our well being during our stay. Very professional all around. Bravo!

  • Stephanie
  • Verified Guest
  • Dec 08 2017

This trip was jam-packed full of activities offsite along with twice daily yoga in a great natural rainforest location. I found this trip physically challenging meaningful and rewarding. Wildlife was plentiful.

  • Cyriel
  • Verified Guest
  • Dec 07 2017

What a wonderful experience at Samasati with Yoga Glow and Cheryl Shillington I am not a vegetarian but had no issues enjoying the tasty meals created by the kitchen staff. The staff where always eager to please and very helpful The location is perfect set a top a mountain only accessible by 4 wheel drive jeeps or by foot. diverse wild life abounds with multiple sloth encounters, toucans and dart frogs to name a few

  • Dave
  • Verified Guest
  • Oct 18 2016

This was an outstanding trip! The accommodations were fantastic, transportation spot on, and the food was fabulous. Oh, the other travelers were a blast too. I made a bunch of new friends.

  • Nikki
  • Verified Guest
  • Oct 17 2016

This was a rustic retreat. Met some great people.

  • Denise
  • Verified Guest
  • Oct 12 2016

A wonderful resort in the middle of the rain forest. Nature is all around you, and the employees are wonderful.

  • Kristin
  • Verified Guest
  • Aug 28 2016

Samasati was amazing! It's perfect for nature lovers, tucked away in Costa Rica's rainforest with a quick 10 minute ride to the beach. The drive from the airport is long ( 4 1/2 hours approx.) but the views are worth it. The staff at Samasati are so wonderful!

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