Yogi Dana

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Tantric Heart Intimacy Yoga

Kundalini Meditation Restorative


Initiations by Hymalayan Master of Light Meditation and Master Yogi/Tulku of White Tantra Sutras

Current City

Miami, FL, United States

Since early age I had extra sensory perception with sixth sense and ability to connect with energy of people, nature, animals.
I was initiated by Himalayan Master in 1998 and since then practice Light Meditation. I was instructed by Master to give public talks and instructions about Light Meditation. In 2005 i met Tibetan White Tantric Yogi and Tulku who initiated me into White Tantric Sutras. I have been also influenced by Yogi Bajan who brought Kundalini yoga teachings to the west, and have attended many white Tanrics solstice retreats for teachers.

In 2006 i started teaching and found my own developed style "Tantric Heart Intimacy Yoga" one on one, with focus on relationship and intimacy issues, as i have realized how many people have relationship issues, and need to have deeper, spiritual understanding of it. Main focus is awakening of primal chi energy, and teaching average person with busy lifestyle how to clear its own energy to feel uplifted. .
I had numerous students, from all walks of life, including scientists and medical doctors and all reported to experience healing affect, and change of energy in relationships. In "Tantric Heart Intimacy yoga" you will learn how to meditate and awaken your inner light, how to connect to all 7 energy body centers, and 7 soul energy centers. Your primal chi energy is base and center of all life energies that is blocked in 80% of people. As result you get old prematurely, you get sick, you get depressed, you lose interest in intimate relating, and you start feeling tired and with health issues.

"Tantric Heart Intimacy Yoga" will uplift your body, mind and soul and make you feel rejuvenated, youthful, sensually alive, give you emotionally, mentally and spiritually new direction in your life. You will wake up your life energy, you will wake up your life, and start living from center of your being, your Soul! You will discover your relationship in new way, way of spirit. Love will be awakened in body, mind and heart. You will understand and heal your karmas.

On this retreat, you will learn about your authentic energy, you will discover your self in a new way, will open new floods of energy that will affect all aspects of your life. you will learn in group, and also have an opportunity to have private one on one healing session with me. Couples welcome.
Give your self a gift of discovering your authentic nature. This trip may change your life.

Yogi Dana

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