Vicki Boguszewski

Yoga Instructor



Current City

Key West, Florida


Sicklerville, NJ

Vicki Boguszewski blogs occasionally at She practices in the Classical Yoga Tradition and is a dedicated student of Dr. Vijayandra Pratap founder of the Sky Yoga Foundation and the Yoga Research Society at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. In 1996, Vicki traveled from the Sky Yoga community to Key West, Florida, where she continues to reside today. She has offered yoga classes and workshops to school aged children and adults since 1998.
Vicki graduated magna cum laude from Temple University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and a concentration in Latin American and Caribbean studies. She holds a Masters in Public Health from Florida International University (2012), serves on a number of climate and health related advisory groups, is a published poet, and founder of the first all edible community garden in her community of Key West.
In addition to a non-alcoholic, vegan (mostly raw food) lifestyle, she enjoys paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking, hiking, indigenous arts, history, and growing local food permaculture.