Vicente Herrera

Fitness Ambassador

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Bootcamp Cardio Crossfit Kickboxing Personal Training Running

Current City

Gilbert, AZ



As a trainer for the last 11+ years, I have a great understanding for true health and wellness, not only keeping the body but the mind in top shape as well. I have taught over thousands of hours to clients in private, small-group and large-group classes and love every minute of providing only the best workouts and experience for each individual. I was propelled into fitness when my best friend passed away from a freak accident and felt as if there was more I could've done for him. This feeling led me to be the best trainer and motivational coach I can be to help each single person I come in contact with to be the best they can physically and mentally. I vowed that I would try my best to reach each person to enable them to change their life for the better!

Over the years I have been able to craft my skills to the best of my abilities to help anyone achieve any goal they set out for! I have been running my own fitness training business for the last 7+ years and expect to grow even more within the next few years. Grow so much that you will see my names among the best in the world! I have done almost every type of training there, pilates, suspension training, strength, conditioning, athletic, cross-fitness, boxing, MMA and more! I preach versatility and challenging yourself to new heights you never thought possible!