TJ Maher

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Type

Yin Yoga + Meditation + Art by themselves or integrated.

Meditation Yin


500 hour + 90 hour Yin Yoga (additional)

Current City

New York, NY, United States


Clifton Park, New York

Balance and self-expression are some of the loveliest aspects of being human but also some of the most difficult to experience fully.

I offer Yin Yoga, Meditation and Art in various forms and combinations as tools to find balance and express our individuality both emotionally and physically. These practices have brought such awakening to my life and I love to share them and see how they are uniquely expressed and experienced by others.

Most of my life has been in the form of an artist and also teaching art to children. This has taught me the importance and power of our imaginations and ability to heal ourselves through seeking, exploring and expressing what we are in every dimension we can find.

Switching full time to teaching yoga and meditation has been euphoric in that I have met so many beautiful souls eager to share there struggles, loves and lives.

I am eager to meet everyone so I invite you to reach out :D

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