Tessa Rosemary

Yoga Ambassador

Yoga Type

Ashtanga Bikram Vinyasa Power Flow Hot Yoga Kundalini Meditation Yin


400 Hour Certification From Yoga Soup Santa Barbara, California----2005

Current City

Lake Tahoe, CA

Large_screenshot_2016-02-16_at_3.20.14_pm::::Hello All.
I am Yoga Instructor Tessa Rosemary (age 28).
I have been teaching Yoga for 10 Years Now.
I live in BEAUTIFUL Lake Tahoe California.
Here, I teach 5 Flow Classes Per Week (Outdoors in Summers), paint, swim, enjoy friends & family, snow ski, & dive into local Philanthropic Efforts.
I also enjoy a Surf Getaway here & there.
I am an advocate of living an ABUNDANT, JOYFUL LIFE.
We create that:) Though life gets bumpy, we can better accumulate tools and skill-sets to help is be resilient, humble, genuine, authentic, tingly, and to soak in the greatness this life has to offer us!
My current Inspirations are:
Kayli & Jessa's Description of Yoga
I LOVE LOVE LOVE TO INCORPORATE GENTLE WISDOM IN OUR COURSES TO Awaken Our Best Selves & Letting Go of The Stuff That Doesn't Serve Us. We will find what that is for you!!!! & release it!!!!! You'll have great movement and meditative tools for when you return home.
Abraham Hicks & her book "Ask & It Is Given"
Christine Hassler: LIFE COACH Explains getting over "expectation hangovers"
& RUMI Quotes about Letting Go.
I also work at a Professional Art Gallery.
I travel & love to help communities thrive!
Let's dip into Well-Being together, because YOU DESERVE IT!

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