Syreeta Stratton

Yoga Ambassador

Yoga Type

Yoga Nidra

Hatha Meditation Restorative


RYT-200 Yoga Instructor

Current City

Fort Collins, CO


Fort Collins, Colorado

Large_dscn0849“To be great, be whole;
Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you.
Be whole in everything. Put all you are
Into the smallest thing you do.
So, in each lake, the moon shines with splendor
Because it blooms up above.” 
― Fernando Pessoa

I without a doubt, know my lifetime purpose is to awaken health and wellness in those who are ready to know what is possible.

It is my honor to kindly guide you on your healing journey using mind body exercises and awareness techniques and tools. I can't wait to meet you!

I love yoga, meditation, and holistic living. I embody heartfelt kindness, healing, and allow these qualities to gently guide my clients. Through my own experience of chronic pain, thyroid imbalances, epstein barr virus, IBS and pelvic pain I have learned how to heal through a variety of holistic methods including yoga, physical therapy, meditation, archetype assessments, personality insight, soul purpose readings, journaling, cultivating strong intuition, energy management, time in nature, aromatherapy, spiritual study, supplements, and nutrition.
Syreeta has completed her yoga training at the Holistic Yoga School International in Fort Collins, CO. She has also received certification as a Color Aroma Therapist through Conscious Colors in Morro Bay, CA, Level 1 Certification in the Usui System of Reiki Healing and A Course in Business Miracles Training.