Susane Pata

Fitness Ambassador

Fitness Type

TRX, TriggerPoint Foam Rolling, Athletic Conditioning

Bootcamp Cardio Cycling Kickboxing Personal Training Running



Current City

New York, NY, United States

Susane Pata is a Senior Global Master Trainer for TRX, TriggerPoint (foam rolling) and a variety of Life Fitness brand products. As a Global Master Trainer, she currently travels worldwide to conduct education courses for these companies and presents at a variety of fitness conferences. She became a TRX® aficionado after meeting founder Randy Hetrick and the Suspension Trainer™ in 2004, shortly after which she developed TRX’s first-ever group fitness program. Early on it quickly became a proven success at Krav Maga and Crunch Fitness. Once the company launched in 2007, Susane was hired to run the education department and opened the first Suspension Training® studio in San Francisco in 2008.

Susane decided to run this retreat again because of how Costa Rica felt when she was there last time for the first time. The entire trip felt like the Costa Rican saying "pura vida." Pura vida has beautiful meaning. Directly translated, it means “simple life,” or “pure life." Others may associate it with a life full of appreciation, love and gratitude for the beauty of Costa Rica's rich natural resources. The words themselves constitute an energy and joy of simply being alive. The term being in the Costa Rican dialect for more than 50 years is more than just a saying—it's a way of life.

Fitness has been a way of life for Susane... and not just physical fitness but fostering strong mindfulness, too... She believes the way you infuse "pura vida" into fitness is by keeping it simple and being grateful for what your body can do, especially as fitness levels begin to progress. The joy of feeling fitter definitely contributes vastly to the joy of life--you move better, you feel better, you may even love the way you look while moving...

Susane cultivates a "can-do" mental attitude during training to feed into the life's moments outside of training. She also has an aptitude and genuine interest in creating accessible ways for people to train through thoughtful program design so they can achieve the "pura vida" goal.

"By fusing the essence of 'pure vida' living into your fitness training experience at the retreat, I hope you become so inspired as to bottle some of it up and take it home with you."