Sarah Gourley

Yoga Ambassador

Yoga Type

Hatha Vinyasa Power Flow Meditation Restorative


Life Coach, RYT-200 Yoga Certification, Pilates Mat, Pilates Apparatus, TRM

Current City

Washington, DC, United States

Large_sara_gourley-7On paper, I'm a certified yoga teacher, pilates instructor, spiritual life coach, and entrepreneur. In my heart, I'm a sun-worshipping, heart-rock collecting, free-spirited, laughter junkie. But above all else, I am a student that has been called to teach.

Yoga and A Course in Miracles have rocked my world. And when I say rocked, I mean changed my life in ways I never thought imaginable. Life has become more fluid, enjoyable, loving, and motivating. I feel connected, serene, strong, and capable.
Yes, I still have my down days and things can still throw me off center - but the difference now? I have an entire tool shed to turn to that helps me quickly regain my balance, my smile, and my perspective.

A Course in Miracles states “To teach is to learn” and it has been my pleasure to learn and grow alongside you as I translate these sometimes super-heady spiritual principles and practices into modern, easy to use pieces that we can all benefit from. And that lands us to my present day purpose: to help YOU not only feel better in your body, but to feel blissfully illuminated on all levels - from the inside out!

My Teaching Style:
I bring over 13 years of practice and study to each of my classes, but I truly believe all my students are my greatest teachers. Every class I teach begins with a general outline, yet I strive to let go of all expectations and allow my students needs be the playbook for the day.
I am trained in Vinyasa, which translates to linking breath with movement. I teach with this principle as my foundation, creating classes that flow with intention, purpose, beauty, and grace. This way, the practice becomes a moving meditation, deepening your connection to self.
I believe in the power of music. I like it loud. I like to feel as if the practice is a dance, intertwined with the power of music. I believe alignment is important, and I have a keen eye, but it is not the end all be all. I believe it is better to just be in the perfect pose than to be perfect in the pose. And let’s not forget I am also a Pilates instructor - so expect some core work!

Certifications & Such:

*200hr Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)
*Pilates Mat & Apparatus Certified Instructor
*Registered Life Coach
*Spirit Junkie Masterclass Certification
*B.A. Communications

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