Sarah Gibson

Yoga Ambassador

Yoga Type


Vinyasa Meditation Restorative


200 hr. Yoga Teacher Certification

Current City

Fresno, CA, USA



Large_costaricaIt's my mission to connect people to themselves and others through the sacred practice of yoga, meditation, and intention setting.

I teach a guided meditation with use of visualizations, targeting the chakras to clear blockages with awareness and breath. I teach Vinyasa Yoga, using the breath to move in and out of poses, to make yoga a moving meditation. Each day we have the opportunity to set an intention for what we wish to create. Through conscious breath and intuitive listening we can find our truest intention and bring it throughout our day to help guide our decisions with deeper awareness.

It is my intention to create community, foster sustainable relationships, and raise awareness of our potential as human beings.

I visited Thailand in 2013 and 2014. I have also been to Cambodia, Belize, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. Thailand is definitely my favorite place in the world, for many reasons. Thailand has an amazing diversity of plants, animals, cultures, and languages. I've traveled to Thailand twice, and I know basic Thai language skills. The spirituality of Thailand is everywhere. In the small spirit houses outside houses and businesses that are beautifully decorated to feed the spirits (and the birds) and protect the home. The Wats (Temples) of Thailand are spectacular, ornately covered in gold leaf, paintings of the Buddha, and amazing collections of Buddha statues. Beauty abounds in Thailand.

I'd like to invite you to experience it for yourself and join me for 7 days of yoga, meditation, and connection to nature in Thailand.

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