Sara Marby

Yoga Ambassador

yoga student. yoga instructor. avid adventurer. magic-maker. grand manifester. stillness seeker. mistake maker. lesson learner. lover of ayurveda addict. timeless traveler. monkey-mind meditator. soul shaman. laughter maker. inspiration junkie. grace gatherer. never finished.

Yoga Type

Yoga Ambassador

Vinyasa Meditation Restorative


E-RYT-500+, Certified Applied Yoga Integration, Certified Level I Thai Bodywork, Certified Astrologer, Certified Tarot Reader, CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

Current City

Savannah, GA, USA

The AlcheMystic will lead you through the magical adventure that is your life. As an intuitive healer, I guide the journey inward so that you may find your own sacred space. From this place of truth, your personal map of the spirit, heart, and soul is revealed.

Alchemy is the spiritual work of transformation; allowing you to participate in your own metamorphosis and co-create your inner and outer experiences in the world. When we work together, I offer you the mystical compass that teaches and empowers you to personally navigate your own life’s journey. I will lead you to the threshold. Your work is to walk the path from that place of sacred knowing.

Sara Marby is an E-RYT 500+ whose teachings are a mix of yoga psychology, energetic bodywork, alchemystic divination, and sacred ritual. All designed for an individual soul journey through the process of internal transformation and integration.

As founder of The AlcheMystic, Sara's current home base is Chattanooga, Tennessee, but she is a true student and dweller of the world offering classes, workshops, YTT training modules, and retreats both nationally and internationally.

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