Sapha Arias

Yoga Ambassador

Sapha believes transformation can only come about when the time is right and the flames can consume all that was in order to let the new life blossom and grow. It is the process of life and it is a fluid, unending process that is miraculous and powerful.

Yoga Type


Ashtanga Hatha Vinyasa Power Flow Kundalini Meditation Restorative Yin


500 RYT

Current City

Houston, TX, USA

Large_userindexthumb_img_3283Sapha, 500RYT is a Houston based yoga and meditation instructor as well as a nutrition, health and wellness consultant. She extends her teaching in a global manner by leading yearly yoga retreats based on the power of alchemical changes found through self-awareness, connectivity and the many tools the practice has to offer.

Her teachings revolve around the belief that in order to access creative change and powerful healing, one must first learn to ground down and open up. A paradigm that has lead her through many years of study and self-discovery, and which brings a unique voice and quality to each of her teachings.

Sapha believes in the importance of the breath as a paramount foundation for flow-based practices and she is a firm believer in the importance of bio-mechanics and the individually unique anatomy of each person needing to be served and honored with in the practice itself.

Sapha is a firm believer in the importance of continual education and is constantly growing her knowledge of yoga, meditation, nutrition, physiology, psychology and much more. Her mission is to help people to develop and harness the tools that can help them heal from the inside out by allowing them to truly get to know who they are and teaching them how to remain present to every moment so they can release, open and create a life that is filled with joy, purpose and peace.