Rita Spiegel

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Type

Hatha Yoga, Yoga with Curves


RYT 200

Current City

Oceanside, CA


Orando, Florida

Rita Spiegel, RYT-200, started her yoga journey in 2006, to help her recover from a stroke. Rita credits yoga as a major reason in helping her gain her health back, and start her on a magical personal transformation. Rita started practicing yoga to DVDs in her home during recovery. Proud of her body, Rita has curves and not the usual yoga body stereotype. Living in San Diego at the time, she had a challenging time finding a studio that addressed her body challenges of doing various asanas. After moving to Oceanside, CA in 2008, Rita found a teacher who understood.

In 2011, Rita started practicing with Holly Richelle of Kamelien Yoga, in Oceanside. While practicing with Holly, Rita's love of yoga grew and grew; and live a crest of a wave, Rita's had a strong desire and passion to teach. In 2014, Rita studied at Sundara College Teacher Training at the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA. Rita reaches out to help individuals of all body shapes and sizes learn and receive the benefits of yoga. She wants her students to know and see that their instructor understands their physical needs and challenges. Rita wants her students feel empowered, confident and at ease with their bodies, while creating a fun, inspiring and fulfilling class for them.

Rita has a Bachelor’s in Applied Arts and Sciences from SDSU. She's worked for a variety of non-profit organizations conducting volunteer management/recruitment, grant writing and program development. She's also a photographer and one of her "artist loves" is watercolor painting. Rita lives in Oceanside, CA and shares her home with a 14-lb. Pomeranian named Kharma, who's CEO (Canine Executive Officer), has his own facebook page (Last Paw Standing) and is "marketing manager" for all pet photography shoots.