Relentless Jake

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HIIT training, Kickboxing, Bootcamps

Bootcamp Kickboxing Personal Training



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Chicago, IL, United States

I am a certified personal trainer and military veteran. I have been involved in sports and fitness since I was 6 years old. I've competed in several 24 hour endurance races, obstacle races, adventure races, etc. My goal is to share my knowledge with anyone that is interested in getting in the best shape of their life, but also having a blast while doing it! Through my years of adventures and fitness, one thing I have learned is that a positive attitude and a good sense of humor go a long way towards your ultimate success. These are the people I tirelessly try to surround myself with.

So if you have the personality that shares these same passions and want to meet other amazing people during this epic week of fitness adventures, than this is the venue for you.

Life is an adventure, but it's only when you summon up the courage to explore the unknown, do you truly live an adventurous life.

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