Rachel Stricker

Yoga Ambassador

I am a holistic healer in the arts of naturopathy, yoga, Thai massage, emotional clearance and energy work. I maintain a home studio and practice at an integrative clinic in Eugene, Oregon. I love to teach educational and empowerment workshops locally and abroad.

I completed the Authentic Yoga Teacher Training program designed by Dave and Cheryl Oliver in Scottsdale, Arizona. This ashtanga studio is also the home of Arizona Vedic Chant. My training was deeply rooted in traditional ashtanga and vinyasa yoga, Ayurveda and yoga philosophy. I have been teaching yoga and practicing Thai massage for 7 years. I have taught many styles of yoga to the general public, as well as designed programs for specific populations, including: yoga for first responders and veterans, people with chronic pain, men's empowerment groups, and people with mental and emotional health issues.

I received my naturopathic medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. I also have an undergraduate degree in psychology and gender and diversity studies from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. I love to interweave the principles of my training and education with my own intuitive gifts and deep understanding of the human spirit. I have a particular interest in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology and consciousness studies. I use this knowledge alongside many years of spiritual work and self-actualization to help people understand the root cause of their issues, heal deep seeded emotional wounds and awaken to the beauty within.

Teaching alongside my love and twin flame, Bobby, is a dream come true. Bobby and I promise to wrap you in love and adoration. We will create a safe space for you to discover and celebrate all aspects of yourSELF. We will provide you with opportunities to be challenged, rejuvenated, gain clarity on your authentic essence and purpose, and be inspired. And lastly, we promise to be a whole lotta fun!

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