Patty Turnberg

Yoga Ambassador

Yoga Type

Hatha Vinyasa Meditation


200 hour Yoga Instructor Training

Current City

Seattle, WA, USA

Patty is a certified 200-hour Yoga Instruction who specializes in teaching Gentle Yoga. She currently teaches classes at The Seattle Gym and OmTown Yoga in Seattle.. This will be the second Yoga Retreat she has offered in this location.
" I've always found joy in movement through various forms of dance, aerorbics, and yoga. I've been an instructor of both dance and aerobics but it wasn't until I began to think about my own retirement from a career in nonprofit development and management that I decided I wanted to teach yoga. As an older yoga instructor, I focus on teaching Gentle Yoga . I love bringing people who have never done yoga or who haven't done yoga for a long time back to the mat. The importance of staying strong and flexible as we age is critical to how I approach my teaching. I sincerely believe yoga can benefit anyone at any stage in their life and my classes attract both younger yogi's who have been practicing for many years as well as older men and women who are just getting started, or re-started in their personal yoga practice. Life-long learning is very important to me personally, and I continue to enhance my knowledge by taking classes, participating in workshops, and personal study..

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