Patricia Holder

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Type

Yoga Therapy, Yoga Tune Up®, Pre-Natal, Thai Yoga Massage

Hatha Vinyasa Meditation Restorative Yin


Body Awareness & Movement Specialist

Current City

Toronto, ON, Canada

An IT geek since she was young, Patricia believed she would do nothing else in life but follow this passion. Living in Bermuda and randomly practicing yoga on its beautiful beaches, she realized that as much as she loved city life, she resonated with the peaceful practice of just being.

In 2007 Patricia started on her path to health and wellness by becoming a Reiki Master and offering her services as a Reiki Practitioner.

In constant pursuit of adding to her knowledge and skills to improve her own well being, as well as those of her clients, Patricia became a yoga teacher and the learning and studying has not stopped there. Patricia continues to seek out opportunities to learn more about herself, improve her skills and expand her knowledge of yoga and other health disciplines. Patricia has been very fortunate to be learning from and influenced by so many wonderful people along her journey.

Combining her business background and passion for yoga has given her a solid foundation to successfully manage a yoga studio for the past 2 years. During this time, Patricia was involved in all aspects of the studio, including management of multiple locations, staff and energy exchangers, training and support for the owners, teachers and clients. Patricia administered a variety of workshops with local and international yoga teachers as well as the yoga teacher training program. Her aim was to build a strong culture and community within the studio that was supportive of teachers and inviting to all students.

Patricia has been a part of the yoga community as a student, a teacher in training, a teacher and as management. Patricia is excited to share her talents, energy and passion with the members of the yoga community in the pursuit of their wellness goals.

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