Nadeen Hayden

Yoga Ambassador

Yoga Type

Hatha Vinyasa Power Flow


RYT 200, Reiki

Current City

Cleveland, OH

Large_nadeen_dancerI found yoga as a stressed out, sleep deprived, anxious law student, using a DVD I purchased at Target (thanks Rodney Yee), and never looked back. I quickly learned that yoga wasn't just a great stress relieving "workout," it is a lifestyle that truly improves every aspect of your life...physical, mental, spiritual, you name it.

So, while I still practice law and love my professional life, I am happy to say that I am committed to yoga- so much so that I decided to open up my own studio and share my practice with my peers. And thanks to my guru Darcy Providente of Chagrin Yoga, I am able to teach others while I also continue the lifelong journey of learning.

RYT 200