Myla Ivers

Yoga Ambassador

Yoga Type

Vinyasa, Bikram, Kundalini, Chakra balancing, Reiki, Hatha, Sculpt, Bootcamp, Yin, Restorative

Bikram Vinyasa Restorative


Corepower yoga, Reiki Master, Bikram yoga, Certified personal trainer, Sports nutrition

Current City

Los Angeles, CA, United States


Boulder, CO

Myla just celebrated her 10-year teaching anniversary in 2016! Her journey has brought her to a wide variety of yoga styles and all over the world. From leading bikini boot camp in Tulum, Mexico to Yin Yoga on a 110ft schooner in Spain, it is obvious that teaching and traveling are two of Mylas greatest joys in life! Myla grew up in Boulder, CO and started her journey in 2006 learning to teach Bikram yoga. She loved the deep meditation and stillness it taught her. Her need to grow and learn continued in 2007 when she became a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. When she stumbled upon Corepower Yoga she was instantly hooked. Since her first class, Myla picked up and moved to Los Angeles where she lead and coached over a dozen of Corepower Yogas teacher trainings and other programs. She currently teaches at Corepower Hollywood as well as travels for her private clientele. Myla is a Reiki master and tarot card reader, which brings a unique psychic experience to her healing sessions. She is inspired to shift the vibration of herself and others to create beauty and change on the planet.

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