Melissa Lucas

Yoga Ambassador

Yoga Type

Hatha Prana Flow Restorative


Life Coach and Pranayama yoga

Current City

Pittsburgh, PA

Large_canoe_picI'm Melissa. Professionally, I am a personal and business coach, writer, speaker, host/producer of the Happiness Potential Podcast, Pranayama yoga and meditation instructor, and I run this project called Happiness Potential. My life's mission is helping others find the best version of themselves. I went through my own happiness project from January 2011 until now(growth never stops). I went from an unhappy, unfulfilled, too many drinks, too much money spending, always eating take out food kind of person, to a happy, fulfilled, healthy, empowered, entrepreneur. I believe that we all deserve to have our best life possible, but we must first uncover ourselves to get there. I am here to promote living out life at your highest potential. We all have the ability to be happier and more fulfilled, but need to make the affirming choice to work to get there. Life can always get better, struggles end, toxic people and environments can be deleted, and better habits can be formed. There are always more optimal ways in which we can be living out our lives, but it has to be a choice to want more. . I want to show you how to uncover more of who you are , how to reach deeper levels of fulfillment, and higher levels of happiness.

Joining me on this trip and you can look toward meeting your full potential through finding inner strength, clearing fears, discovering your true self and owning their confidence.

I am a Certified Life and Business Coach Certified in Pranayama yoga and Meditation, as well as I hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's in Business Administration. I currently work as a personal coach and business coach, yoga instructor, as well as a motivational speaker. Feel free to view my practice at : or