Marie-Pier Turgeon

Yoga Ambassador

Yoga Type

Hatha Vinyasa Restorative

Current City

Montreal, QC, Canada

Large__x9a5250Ma mission est de transmettre aux gens ma passion du yoga et ainsi les aider à accéder à leur pouvoir personnel. Leur montrer qu’ils détiennent une force qu’ils croyaient ne pas exister. À travers une pratique intelligente de vinyasa joignant le mouvement et le souffle, la tenue en profondeur du hatha yoga, le pranayama et la relaxation, vous trouverez un équilibre et une version plus paisible de vous-même.

Be ready to OM, turn your gaze inward, sweat, try, fail, try again, succeed, experiment, laugh, breathe, stretch, open, bend, use blocks, straps, blankets, walls, chairs and then relax and dry.

From day one yoga has been a life changer. As if I found something I didn't even know I was looking for. I started teaching in 2011 and I'm evolving as a student and a teacher in order to honour my potential and help people find their own. Through the balance of a thoughtful vinyasa sequence, linking breath and movement, and some long held postures, relaxation and breathing techniques, you sure will find a more peaceful version of yourself.