Manja Podratz

Yoga Ambassador

Yoga Type

Ashtanga Meditation Sivananda



Current City

Mobile, AL


Waren, Germany

Manja received her yoga teacher training based on Patanjali's sutras. She devotes her personal practice on aligning movement and breath in the Ashtanga series, advanced pranayama, Tibetan meditation, and Yoga Nidra. Numerous private students rely on her advice for overcoming mental challenges including depression, anxiety, and PTSD, and also for healing treatments for recovery from spinal injuries, after knee surgery, and after chemotherapy treatment.
Manja has practiced yoga for many years - starting in her early childhood with her father. After a few years of focussing on contemporary dance, she came back to yoga when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in her early twenties. Manja healed herself by changing her diet and consequent detox. Later in her life, she practiced yoga to recover from severe spinal injury (fracturing three vertebrae during acrobatics training). During her pregnancies and after giving birth to her three children, specific Kundalini kriyas were beneficial and part of her regular routine. Manja studied in Germany with Yoga Vidya, and in the United States with Tracey Glover of Quiet Mind/Shanti Warrior in Mobile, AL.
Manja grew up in a family with strong feminine ancestry. Her great-grandmother and grandmother were midwives and taught her about the use of herbs and laying on the hands to heal.
Manja is bilingual: English and German, and a certified translator / medical and legal interpreter.
Manja works full-time as a yoga teacher, certified life coach, certified hypnotherapist, and reiki master / crystal healer.
Manja is the author of books about nutrition, vegan living, and natural pregnancies (published in German in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland - currently in progress to be translated into English).

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