Lilah Annaliese Swete

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Type

Blended Bliss :: Progressive Flow + Yin

Vinyasa Meditation Yin


500hr YA eRYT, Detox Flow, Yoga Therapy Rx IAYT, Yoga For Scoliosis, Breast Cancer Recovery Fitness, Usui Reiki, Awakening +...

Current City

West Hollywood, CA


Dallas, tX

Large_ambassador_shotThe Art of Being Human is an ever-evolving collective of movement, hands-on therapeutics and psychosomatic coaching.

With an extensive background in modern dance and classical ballet, partnered with a passion for anatomic well-being that led her to studies in Pre-Med Biology, Performance Art + Yoga Therapy Rx, Lilah cultivated this well-rounded approach to whole-holistic-health.

Steeped in Lilah's thorough studies in holistic detoxification, Ayurvedic herb principles, Usui Reiki Master Training and life-coaching through "Awakening" and A Course In Miracles +... Our Signature Series | Omni :: Mindful Evolution Biorhythmic Support Series is comprehensive, tending to the values of movement, holistic health and consciousness. In her unique and inspirational approach, Lilah seeks to help all her clients expand and deepen their personal expression through balanced flexibility, emotional peace and strength in knowing we are all much greater than these vessels we call home -- our physical bodies.

Lilah specializes in the recovery care of :* spinal stenosis, * degenerative disc disease, * general musculo-skeletal disorders, diseases or injuries * and disorders of the endocrine system (e.g. over or under- active thyroid, diabetes I + II...)

Through TAoBH | Organic Essentials, Lilah provides essential oil education, wellness advocacy and holistic whole-person care
--> nutritional support, supplement outline, skincare for every body.

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