Lacey Daunt

Yoga Ambassador


200 hour YTT

Current City



Montauk, New York

Lacey was born and raised in a small quaint town on the eastern most tip of Long Island; Montauk. Living within a 5 minute walk from the ocean stemmed her irresistible love for the water (Surfing and free-diving are among some of her favorite water sports.) The cold winters in Montauk ultimately forced her away to a more tropical paradise; Hawaii.

Currently, she resides on the small island of Oahu. Being surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown locally makes her vegan lifestyle simple. Lacey is passionate about consuming a plant based diet without the use of any animal products. She spends her time running a blog intended to educate others on food and lifestyle choices and how they affect our health, other beings and our planet.

Along with the ocean and mother nature, Lacey had always had a love for holistic healing, energy and exercise. In 2012, she went through intensive training to become a certified Pilates instructor via Power Pilates, NYC. In 2013, she attended the largest holistic nutrition school in the country, Institute for Integrative nutrition, where she was taught over hundreds of dietary theories and life methods. With her Health Coaching degree and Pilates certification she began taking on clients personally and globally via e-mail. During this time, she came across yoga. With Shirshasana (headstands) being what sparked her yoga love affair, she decided to give the entire sequence a try. It was love as first asana. Lacey began to dive deep into spirituality through yoga, which only enhanced her practice and daily life.

One year later, she decided to follow her passions on another healing journey to Bali, Indonesia to become a certified yoga instructor. During this course, she was taught the true foundation of yoga that extends beyond the physical practice. She developed an understanding of the mind-body connection, meditation and enlightenment - a learning journey that made the trip a life-changing experience. After completing her 200 hour YTT in Bali, she returned back to her home in Hawaii. Lacey has now added yoga to her healing practice. She teaches all classes from static yin, to hatha, to fast paced vinyasa flows. She specializes in private lessons by creating personal sequences for individuals. Lacey has always held bio-individuality - the concept that every person is uniquely different - above all. She personalizes her 1:1 health coaching, pilates lessons and yoga lessons to fit the individual at hand.

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