Kyle and Shanni Shaner

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Dharma Kundalini Meditation Prana Flow Restorative

Large_imag-quiz_what-kind-of-weather-are-youI am the owner of face+MEDIA and a spiritual practictioner/teacher. I am working creating some products geared towards EFT and the adult coloring revolution as well as some other really useful spiritual tools. Learn more about me at my Patreon site in the links below.

Specifically about the Get to know your B.E.S.T Tour - I've lived it and Yoga helped me through it. I had a stroke earlier this year, pneumonia 3 times last year, and have overcome some extremely devasting life events and it was made an even better stronger and wiser soul for it. What I teach is based on my real life lessons, doing it all in love and the power of transformation.

Specialty is Hindu-Yogi Spiritual Soul Creative Meditation. Currently Working on a new tour getting to know your body and soul through Hindu Yogi - stay tuned!

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