Kiona Cloud

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Type



Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki (Usui & Kundalini),

Current City

New Carrollton MD


Dover Delaware

Large_bmoreKiona is a Relaxation Coach, Massage therapist and Reiki master who practices chakra therapy, aromatherapy, bach flower therapy, color therapy and uses law of attraction principles in her everyday life.
Kiona taught introductory and couples massage workshops for 9 years and has maintained a private practice for over 14 years. She enjoys the opportunity to share and connect with those who are open to learning. Kiona's students and clients say she is full of a contagious positive energy that is forgiving, non-judgmental and welcoming.
She believes the most powerful skill we can teach ourselves is the power to focus. "In life we often focus on things that bring us stress and stress creates dis-ease in the body. Learning to manage our vibrations can help us balance our energies and our moods leading to a healthier life! Being gentle with ourselves along the way is essential to the process of growing and enjoying the journey!"