Kimberlea Childers-Smarr

Yoga Ambassador

Kimberlea Smarr journeyed to Rishikesh, India in 2008 for her first 200-hour teacher training. She currently teaches in a rural Colorado town and has appeared on Her continued training includes well over 300 additional teacher-training hours in Anusara and Hatha traditions.


Johnstown, Colorado

Large_usershowthumb_kimberlea_1_Breathe, Love, Live Fully…Kimberlea Smarr is a disciple of these three things. She is a constant student of life via her 4 unique and brilliant children. Kim began her yoga journey at home in the midst of chaos. She created a sanctuary one hour a day and that sanctuary transformed her life. In 2008 she journeyed to Rishikesh, India for her first 200 hour teacher training. When she returned, she began teaching in a rural Colorado town that has blossomed into thriving yoga community thanks to her humor, down-to-earth approach, and heart-felt teaching style. She is also an instructor of tumbling and acrobatics at Dance Dynamics.

Kim continues to teach locally and has branched out to neighboring cities teaching workshops on chakras as well as alignment. She has also appeared on as a co-star in 6 episodes. Her continued training includes well over 300 additional teacher-training hours with Master teacher, Jeanie Manchester of Boulder, Colorado in Anusara and Hatha traditions, with an emphasis on alignment and therapeutics. One of her greatest joys is teaching to heal. Healing is accessible through creative yet purposeful therapeutic asana. However she infuses the wisdom of tantric yoga philosophy to createbalance and skillful awareness that translates into our everyday. Her teaching experience is broad but she finds delight in introducing brand new students to this life affirming practice. Whether you are new to yoga, advanced in yoga or somewhere in between, Kim creates a comfortable, safe learning environment for all.