Kim Jameson

Yoga Instructor

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Vinyasa, Yin


200 RYT, Pre Natal

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San Angelo, TX


San Angelo, TX

I started practicing yoga about 13 years ago in Austin, TX at Gold's Gym to escape stress in my previous job industry. Mental clarity is what drew me back, time and time again to yoga. Later down the road, I started to see and feel the physical benefits. I was stronger, my body felt more toned and I was able to relax. My dedicated practice is done with a high respect and reverence. I mainly teach is a Power Vinyasa Flow and Yin. I always suggest that you explore different types and teachers of yoga to see what fits your needs best.

​I am a 200RYT and Pre-Natal Certified instructor. My passion is to share my knowledge and experiences with anyone who is open to the power of yoga through asanas, meditation and pranayama.

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