Katrina Julia

Fitness Instructor

Fitness Type

Bikini Competitor, Plyometric, Yoga, Various


NASM Fitness & Sports Nutrition, Spin Certified, Bikini Competitor

Current City

Atlanta, GA, United States


Houston, TX, USA

I believe nothing is impossible, and that life should be full of love, created, and explored.

My background is in fitness and finances. In fitness, I have done triathlons all around the U.S., bikini competitions in Vegas and California, yoga, zumba, cycling, centuries in Tahoe, half marathons in Georgia and South Carolina. I absolutely love living a healthy active lifestyle.

I believe that creating a fit life is instrumental for us. First, 80% is nutrition. This highlights a clear mind. Then 20% is fitness. Finally, and most importantly a 100% mindset.

I love to travel. I have traveled all around the world since a young age. I believe part of our existence is to explore the world with eyes of wonder like children.

Create a life you don't need to escape from, and it is simply a bonus and joy to get away!

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