Karen Tickner

Yoga Ambassador

With well over 2,000 hours of training, Karen Mirlenbrink is a certified Pilates instructor, yoga teacher, and wellness coach who teaches and develops SUPyoga and SUPilates programs. Karen is an elite Team Rider for YOLO Board, an ambassador for Garden of Life and LUV Footwear, and was one of Athleta’s 2013 Featured Athletes.

Yoga Type


Hatha Vinyasa Meditation


200-Hour Yoga Instructor, SSI Freediving Level 1 Instructor, SSI Mermaid Instructor Trainer, Comprehensive Pilates Certification

Current City



Dunedin, Florida

Large_userindexthumb_karen_-_honeymoon_island_047-1Karen Tickner has always described herself as an undercover mermaid. Growing up on the beach, her idea of the perfect day involves being in or on the water learning from her greatest teacher. “The ocean has taught me about life. I’ve learned that sometimes I can’t change things, but I can go with the flow.” It is with those life lessons that Karen found a love for helping others as a certified Mermaid & Freediving instructor, yoga teacher, synchronized swimmer, and wellness coach with well over 5,000 hours of training. She believes a person’s path to happiness is easier than they want to believe, and that small changes in daily life can create big results. Her straightforward, simple, and clear approach makes her a successful and inspiring teacher and coach. Karen blends her passion for wellness with her passions for mermaids and freediving, allowing her to teach programming for all levels all over the world and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

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