Jennie Hayes

Fitness Ambassador

Fitness Type

Hatha Vinyasa Power Flow


Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist

Current City

San Francisco, CA, USA

Jennie Hayes has been a bodyworker for 9 years. She is a yoga instructor, personal trainer & massage therapist. Her yoga classes are dynamic, heartfelt and aim to unite students with their spirit. Her yoga background includes extensive training in both Asana and Pranyama at Mount Madonna Center, located in California. Her passion for astrology & myth was ignited as a child and has grown into a lifelong love affair. She has studied the literary works Dane Rhudyar, Steven Forrest, Sue Tompkins & many more while diving into the experiential exploration of Natal birth chart reading in 2010. She has also been a student of Tarot for over fifteen years.

Jennie believes that intentional yoga practice and cosmological study is a dynamic duo to be reckoned with. Yoga and breathwork frees the body of stagnation, improves the flow of Prana (life force energy) and allows us to more easily connect to spirit- while Astrology is rooted in spiritual explanation and the exploration of different aspects of the human journey within the language of ancient myth and archetype.