Jason Williams

Fitness Ambassador

Fitness Type

Barre, Meditation

Bootcamp Cycling Pilates


NSPA-Certified Trainer, PHI-Pilates Instructor, Spin Instructor, NASM-Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Transformation Meditation Teacher, Barre Instructor

Current City

Baltimore, MD, USA


Baltimore, MD, USA

Jason has been in the health and fitness industry since 2002. As a former colligate track athlete he saw the importance of working hard with proper alignment. With proper alignment and corrective exercise you can prevent injury and improve performance. He has taught a multitude of classes such bootcamp style and spin, but his main interest is Pilates and Barre. As a personal trainer he brings his knowledge of the human body to all his classes. Jason has recently became a meditation teacher and is now a Wellbeing Coach, teaching clients about not only fitness and nutrition, but the whole mind body connection. As an author he has written two children's health and fitness books.

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