Jamie Ebert

Yoga Ambassador

Yoga Type

Hatha Vinyasa Restorative Yin Yoga Nidra


Tantric Hatha/Vinyasa

Current City

Olympic Valley

I have started a Revolution of LOVE with the women on this planet. Transforming one moment at a time, one choice at a time, uncovering the POWER we have. If we step into our FULL Power, what we can achieve is LIMITLESS.

I teach women to fall in love with their true selves, their bodies, their lives.

I am on a journey of discovery. Of self, of the world, of people. I am a yoga-practicing, food-loving, bookworm. I see a balance in LIGHT and Dark and truly believe that without darkness there can be no light. So I write, study, and breathe as much as possible. I dive deep into my own stuff so I can help women by meeting them in whatever depth they find themselves.

I go WILD over LOVE. I'm absolutely mad about Falling in Love with Life, with personal relationships, with Money as a tool for good, with career and DEEPly fulfilling Purpose, with food, fun, and learning new stuff.

Every method I have learned: Ancient, Yogic, Tantric technique I've practiced, Holistic Health, Ayurveda, Manifestation are methods of this path of LOVE. Through yoga, tantra, intuition, holistic health, I teach LOVE as the pathway to Healing, Nourishment, Success, Clarity, Embodiment, Radiance, Peace, Balance, Happiness, Thriving & More LOVE.

My personal mantra is something like this: I am not perfect and I release the need to be, I let go of perfection as a goal. I learn every day to love myself and accept each wrinkle in my skin, extra piece of meat on my hips, and every quirk in my quirky personality. I stay deep in my yoga practice and study of Tantra to keep coming back to the truth and alignment of my soul. I SOFTEN into my life whenever I notice I'm pushing too hard. I SURRENDER the need to push against what is given to me. I keep things SIMPLE.