Grisel Puig-Snider

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Los Osos

Large_grisel_puig-snider_0025Born and raised on the island of Puerto Rico, my roots grew in the Taino traditions of my grandmothers and the wise elders of our community. From a young age I witnessed them preparing medicine from herbs and plants collected as necessary in the moment from our own soil.

Not until I moved to the United States did I recognize and begin cultivating this heritage in order to share with family, friends, and community the wisdom of the green species.

They speak…I only listen.

They guide me…I am only the conduit.

For the past ten years I have educated myself and strengthened the connection with the power of medicinal plants. I have been blessed to study with Rosemary Gladstar, Candis Cantin, Rocio Alarcon, among others, women who share their sacred knowledge with integrity.

I invite you to discover, learn, and practice knowledge handed down through generations. We can give our children a gift that is imperative for the well-being of humanity.

With love and gratitude,