Emily Vossler

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Type

Yin, Hatha, Dance, Restorative, Vinyasa


Reiki levels I, II, III, 200hr Ytt, holistic yoga training,

Current City

Grande Prairie, Alberta

I have been postponing my desire to host a yoga retreat because for many years I have felt unworthy and fearful. I wish to share my experiences in a safe and inviting space that brings movement and discussion into the space so that we may encourage healing and transformation. I am eager to learn, travel, and meet individuals whom I can learn from and perhaps be able to share my knowledge with them. I am looking to create a career with teaching, that may lead unnerving experiences in life, so that I can become the best version of myself for myself. I am committed and reliable, open and truth seeking, strong and vulnerable, fierce and flexible. And always keeping my heart open for opportunities to learn, and grow my knowledge and wisdom in teaching and in life.

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