Danielle Werner

Photography Instructor

Photography Type

Adventure, Nature, Landscape, Culture, Photojournalism and Portraits


12 years experience as a professional photographer, 5 years experience as a professional photography teacher, and 28 years as an adventurer of life.

Current City

Bali, Indonesia


Saint Michaels, Maryland, USA

"Our soul’s mission is to find freedom in being ourselves and give our passions purpose, ultimately leading to a wonderful life." #livewonderful

Hi, I’m Danielle Elizabeth Werner. I’m a funny, geeky blonde who believes in magic, talks too much and almost always has a camera in hand. I also happen to be a free spirited photographer, a reckless writer, a motivational teacher and fierce friend.

All I want to do is explore the world and share unique experiences with you. And I’m always looking for adventure in the magic in life. So much so, I made the 2015 Top 30 Under 30 Adventurers in the World.

So what makes me happy? Well for starters…

Snuggling with really cute baby animals,
Laughing so hard I cry,
Dancing uncontrollably to awesome live music,
Meditating outside in nature,
And exploring off the beaten path.

I am also seriously passionate about:

Taking spontaneous adventures all over the globe,
Following my intuition and inspiring others to do the same,
Photographing people and the beauty of life,
And teaching photography and the creative process of intention.

I love doing all of this for one reason: To spread happiness.

Just over a year ago I set myself free. I decided in a single moment that I wanted nothing more in life than to create endless happiness and freedom. My blog, Live Wonderful is an inspirational place for you to do just the same. It’s a space for you to start believing in yourself and reaching for pure happiness.

Join me on this endless adventure around the globe as I capture unique stories, share lessons of life and love and teach photography all for the purpose of empowering you to see your world through a new "lens".