Cyndy Clemens

Yoga Ambassador

Yoga Type

Somatic Breath Therapy


Certified Somatic Breathwork Practitioner through the Power of Breath Institute

Current City

Colorado Springs, CO

Large_379612_orig I have been a practitioner, facilitator and developer of my own unique expression of this work with clients as well as my own very rigorous and continual personal and professional process since 2001, in addition to a very deep, cognitive, "information gathering" process since 1993 due to my own, what I now refer to as "sacred wounding," which was designed for the sole purpose of waking me up and aligning me with my own True Purpose.

I've received many trainings and teachings through many, such as:

Certification and ordination in Earth Circle Leadership Training with Maryanna Bock in Bath, Maine, 2006-2008

Various quests, sweat lodges and Pipe Circle gatherings in Hiram Maine, as well as Cedar Mesa, Utah with Maryanna Bock and Jeremy Youst, 2005-2010

Empowerment and Therapeutic Breathwork certification through Power of Breath Institute with Jeremy Youst out of Spofford, NH, 2003-2005 with continuing Advanced Practitioner Credits, 2006-2011

Sexual Energy and Spiritual Communication certifications through Steve and Barbara Rother from Lightworker in Las Vegas, Nevada, 2005-2007
Life Purpose Coach Training through Life on Purpose Institute out of Flat Rock, NC, with Brad Swift, 2001-2002
Deep Memory Process as created by Roger Woolger through Patricia Walsh, 2005

Evolutionary Astrology, as taught directly from Jeffrey Wolf Green, Boulder Colorado, April-October 2003

All of these teachings have provided a solid foundation, along with - most importantly - my own very deep, lifelong committed inner process to fulfilling my own purpose, because you can only take a client as far as you have gone yourself, and teach most effectively the teachings from direct life experience.

My vision and my purpose are deeply intertwined with sustainable living, which to me translates to giving back as well as to receiving, and recognizing the connection between the relationship with ourselves and our breath, and our relationship to all of life. The most recent layering around this for me is sustainable food practices through sustainable and biodynamic farming practices, the consumption of "living" foods, such as those created in cultured foods such as Kombucha, fermented foods, keifer, etc.

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