Claudia Gunter

Fitness Ambassador

Fitness Type

Kettlebells, Water Aerobics, Cycling, Running, Step, BOSU, CrossCore Suspension, Pilates, Dance, Kickboxing

Bootcamp Personal Training



Current City

Chicago, IL, USA

Large_kayaking_aa3You get "old" when you stop moving!!

My life has always been filled with sports and fitness. At an early age, I loved the athleticism of playing “Little Miss Softball”, running track and playing sports; yet I wanted to learn classical ballet and dance with grace and beauty. My love for health and fitness was first fueled by my parents, but over the years, I have grown to respect the work it takes and how GREAT it feels to be able to MOVE and GROOVE and do the things I love to do.

After thirty-plus years in the sports/coaching and fitness field, I am still excited about working with people who are looking to change or improve their quality of life through fitness and good nutrition.

I am a Certfied Kettlebell Instructor, Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach. I also love to teach Cycling, Pilates, Water Aerobics, Group Fitness & Boot Camps. When you work with me, you can be assured that whatever your fitness goals: I have the experience and commitment to help YOU get to your next level of living healthy and fit!

"BE RELENTLESS! about your health!

See you at El Sababero in Costa Rica!!!!


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