Cicily Carter

Yoga Ambassador

A life-long athlete, Cicily was introduced to the practice of yoga at a very young age. When she was eight, her grandmother began teaching at a small yoga studio in Grand Junction, Colorado. She did not begin to experience the power of a consistent practice until she left the nest and became a daily practitioner.

Yoga Type

All levels welcome


Vinyasa level 1 and 2, Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Hot Power Fusion, Yoga with Weights

Current City

Boulder, CO

Originally from Denver, Cicily moved to Boulder in 2010. While recovering from a dance injury, she began taking yoga classes at her local studio daily to heal. The culture around the studio and the sense of community drew her back to the studio time and time again. She was drawn the wisdom of her instructors and the balance her practice provided in her life. She had come to the mat for rehabilitation and exercise but she found she was leaving with a lot more. After realizing how much yoga was changing every avenue of her life, she took a leap of faith and enrolled in the 200 hour Hot/HPF Teacher Training in October 2011 and has been teaching since 2012. Cicily is thankful she discovered yoga early in her life and she aims to inspire confidence, happiness, and joy in her students.

"Yoga is the natural state of every human being. As we grow and mature, this state becomes burdened by the banality of life's trials and tribulations. The practice of asana allows us to clear our state and return to our most pure form. It is our obligation as humans to share this practice and empower one another to be the most pure version of ourselves. I value the guidance that I have found at CorePower Yoga and look forward to pay it forward to my community for generations to come."