Chelsea J.

Fitness Ambassador

Fitness Type

Bootcamp Cardio Dance



Current City

Long Beach

I love to travel, I love to read, I'm kinda obsessed with awesome quotes, I love hanging out with friends and family and always having fun!

I love eating great food, and of course, I love working out and helping others get fit and healthy.

I know that's a lot of things to Love but it is, what it is.

I've had the privilege of helping hundreds of people get to their goals and maintain them after they work with me . What I have found is that proper nutrition and self-care is a key component to losing weight, feeling great and keeping the weight off.

I've been a trainer for over 12 years, I am a Master Trainer, which means I had over 5,000 hours of hands-on practical training-and that was over eight years ago. So I have racked up even more experience since then.

I was sent to inspire, motivate, and help people live their lives to the fullest! And partnering with Trip Tribe is helping me continue to do what I love and was put here to do!

Our group had an amazing time with Trip Tribe in Tulum, Mexico this past October and ready to help others experience the
same in Bali!!