Cassandra Loveless

Fitness Ambassador


ACE Group Fitness Instructor, NCCPT Personal Trainer

Current City

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

HELLO! My name is Cassandra Loveless but you can call me Cass. I am an old soul on a journey to heal and nurture as many beings as I can in the short time I have been given on this beautiful planet. I love to dance, sing, do yoga, write, garden, play the piano and banjo, bake yummy things, take long road trips, and meet new people. But most of all I love to learn! I want to learn as much as I can about every subject under the sun! The very best way I have found to learn new things is to teach. I adore teaching fitness and seeing people transform through thoughtful movement into the very best versions of themselves! It makes my soul dance to be able to bring that to the world!
I have chosen to dedicate my life to spreading love, promoting positive thinking, and teaching healthy living so that everyone can be their most authentic self. The way we think about ourselves has such a dramatic impact on our lives. Choose happiness! Choose love! Choose health!

I can't wait to meet you and join you on your beautiful journey!


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