Cari Reiter

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Barre and Pilates

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Beyond Barre, Piloxing Barre, Pilates Mat

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Port Washington, NY

Large_img_7176Been a student of barre with the renowned Lotte Burke Method for years- loved the way it changed, carved and sculpted my body. Was at a crossroads in my life with my career and family life- decided to leave a stressful sales job in pursuit of happiness and more freedom. I never wanted to give up work entirely as I enjoyed the relationships that formed as I spent time traveling etc. Decided I should work and incorporate something that I loved and felt passionate about...Fitness was the one thing that I always considered a priority on a daily basis- loved the way it made me feel and particularly the change I was seeing once I participated in Barre classes. I decided to educate myself and get certified in a couple of variations, (one being more mind-body and the other with more cardio components). Was immediately hired by Equinox Fitness in Long Island, NY and within weeks was instructing at their 3 Long Island locations . My passion for fitness and my desire to continuously meet and touch others has become a dream come true job. Can't wait to coordinate trips and travel...beyond lucky and excited !!!

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