Allison Janssen

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Type


Ashtanga Hatha Vinyasa Meditation Restorative Yin


YTT 200

Current City

Enterprise, AL, USA

Yoga and I were first introduced in 2010, in the last year of my undergraduate study and towards the end of my career as a collegiate athlete. As an athlete, there were two things I often struggled with; the first being flexibility, which caused me a lot of lower back issues, and the second being my tendency to let my nerves get the best of me in big moments. When yoga came along, it provided a consistent, strong and wholesome path that allowed me to work through these personal struggles, and find peace within every inch of my unique being. My mat quickly became my sanctuary and my self-classroom, as every time I came back to it, I later left it feeling physically, mentally and emotionally stronger, and more connected with my true Self and all things in our incredible world. Therefore, when the opportunity came along to intensify my practice and study of yoga, I took it, completing my 200 hour YTT in Koh Lanta, Thailand in May 2015. As a teacher, I am driven and influenced by my own experience in yoga, my teachers, peers, nature and personal travels to over 30 different countries since 2010.Through intention setting, pranayama, meditation and asana, I strive to help students expand their sense of inner-peace, connectivity, uniqueness, balance and strength. Yoga has really brought so much beauty, softness, understanding and peace to my life, and I am forever grateful for it and all the wonderful places and people it had led me to. I am therefore very excited to share the wonder that is yoga with others and to have a bit of fun doing it!