Alexandria Gutierrez

Fitness Instructor

Fitness Type

Cardio, HIIT, Kick-Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, INSANITY

Personal Training Pilates



Current City

Orlando, FL


Miami, FL, United States

My name is Alexandria. I live in Orlando, Fl. I am a Diamond Beachbody Coach, Kickboxing/yoga/pilatees/cardio instructor. I am a short written test away from being a NASM certified Personal Trainer. So far I have lost over 85 lbs doing different workouts regiments My goals is to open my own fitness studio with in the next 3 years and keep expanding our TRANSnFIT Family. I recently quit my day job to dedicate 100% of my time to my company. Outside of the fitness world: I have a puppy named havoc. I also used to DJ professionally, and I been legally allowed to fly a plane, longer than I been able to drive a car.

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