Alba Avella

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Type

Vinyasa Power Flow Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga


200 hour RYT

Current City

Denver, CO, USA

Large_dock-nude-treeAlba has always had a passion and zest for life. Growing up, Alba was an avid dancer, theater, and choir girl. Her love for the arts, movement, and writing developed over the years, and when she left the small town where she grew up in Steamboat Springs, CO. She moved down to Denver. It was here she discovered her passion for teaching asana, and the yoga life style. She became an RYT certified yoga instructor at twenty five years old, and has been teaching ever since. Logging over 1000 hours of teaching, Alba's practice has evolved both on and off the mat. Her classes bring a unique style to the asana practice. She believes in the power of movement, not just yoga. Her classes combine dance moves, joint mobility, choreography, and spirituality. Knowing that the real practice of yoga beings off the mat, and the physical practice is just the tip of the ice berg. By practicing what we cannot do off the mat, we are then able to take that courage off the mat and apply it to all aspects of our life. By learning what our bodies are capable of through the practice, we can bind that with our minds and discover we are capable of whatever we put our minds to. The journey of self discovery begins with the asana practice. And it truly never ends, which is why we call it a practice.