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Robbie Michelle Short

Robbie Michelle Short is a mystic, storyteller, and Reiki healer who has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 20 years and teaching around the world for 15. Her themed and inspiring classes stem from her initial  Yogananda lineage and are sometimes referred to as “yoga church” by her beloved students. She loves nothing more than getting people reconnected to their own divine essence and creating experiences to combine her love of yoga and travel.

Events with Robbie Michelle Short

5 Days of Yoga, Reiki, and Relaxation in Panama
September 8 - 12, 2023

On this retreat to the beautiful paradise of Panama, we will focus on replenishment. We will wake up to a flow practice to get us energized for the day. We have built in excursions for this retreat such as being present with the splendor of a sunset during a Sundown…