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Dana Keegan


I have been practicing yoga since 2002 and teaching yoga since 2012. When I discovered yoga, I had no idea the changes that it would bring to my life. I knew that I felt more connected to my spirit and more comfortable and at ease with myself and the world around me, and it felt amazing. I realized when I would stray away from my mat for a while that I missed it, and so always I kept coming back to my mat! I attended the Y12SR (Yoga and 12 Step Recovery) leadership training with Nikki Meyers and began holding space for Yoga and 12 Step Recovery meetings. I then spent a week in Costa Rica with Tommy Rosen and Kia Miller practicing yoga and being a part of Recovery 2.0. I am BEYOND CONVINCED that yoga and recovery go together and compliment each other in a way that is hard to describe. I just know that what it comes down to for me is JOYFUL ENERGY. I believe my Dharma is to share yoga and recovery with others and to bring JOYFUL ENERGY into our physical, mental and spiritual bodies! I’m a woman in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction since 1995, but I really celebrate one day at a time. I love to travel, read, ride my motorcycle all over the place, prepare food from my garden, go to recovery meetings and hold safe and sacred space for Y12SR Meetings, hang out with like minded people, spend time on beaches, in jungles, on mountains and with my spirit. I believe that we all have unlimited potential for greatness inside of us, and that we all have the JOYFUL ENERGY of the divine inside of us. We are all connected, and we are all deserving of love and happiness. I believe the path of yoga can take us there. I honor the perfectly imperfect human that I am, and I also honor that in you. Namaste, Yogi Warriors!

Events with Dana Keegan

6th Annual Joyful Energy Yoga and Recovery Retreat
December 2 - 9, 2023

Welcome travelers! I can’t wait to hold space again here in Costa Rica! The space we create together is beautiful and loving. The energy of El Sabanero is laid back and easy, and we will all learn a little about ourselves and each other, grow a little, laugh a lot,…