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Shebani Abdulnour and Vibha Kumar

Shebani Abdulnour

Shebani was born in New Delhi, India and is an extensively experienced second-generation yoga instructor. She has been exposed to the Yogic Path & its powers since a very early age. She started on her own Yoga Journey by completing an Intensive four-month Residential “Yogic Studies” course 2007- 2008 from The Bihar school of Yoga, in Munger, India. She has been teaching ever since in cities like Miami, Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda and Fort Myers. She operated and taught at her own Yoga Studio in North Fort Myers with her partner for over 2 years. She also has a Bachelors in Biology from Florida International University and she really enjoys utilizing & promoting the numerous benefits of a yogic lifestyle. She believes that we have to care for all aspects of our being with good food, good thoughts, good words, good movement, good actions and good interactions.

Vibha Kumar

Vibha Kumar studied and was certified in yoga and meditation from the highly reputed “Bihar school of yoga” in the year 1995. She has taught extensively for over two decades in cities in New York, Florida and in India. She currently offers private sessions that focus on the therapeutic and healing aspects of yoga for youth, the elderly and adults. She is very knowledgeable in Prana Yoga, or Energy work, and she continues to hold workshops at Yoga studios and for medical professionals. Her well guided program of yoga practices can revitalize & help alleviate depression, anxiety, physical/mental rigidity, imbalance, and so much more! She truly believes and lives by the understanding that yoga is about watering the very root of our being.

Events with Shebani Abdulnour and Vibha Kumar

Unite with Yoga in Bali
September 3 - 9, 2023

Remember that yoga is union: with the self, with god, with the universe. No matter what style of yoga, meditation or affirmations you practice, it is easy to get distracted from the goal: To truly see oneself. My mom Vibha & I have very different mindsets, practices & lifestyles, but…